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Marbled Concrete Kitchen Island Top

Refined. Modern. Handcrafted Concrete.

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Outdoor Dining Table with the Beverage Cooler Lit Up and its Cover

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The Blessing Concrete Design & Artisan Process

     Using GFRC concrete, we craft a diverse selection of distinctive designs, tailored to your specific requirements.  What sets us apart from other decorative concrete makers is our skills in working with other mediums such as wood, metal, lighting, and electronics.  While concrete is our main focus, our master craftsmen use these other mediums to bring our projects to another level.  

Our company has a unique approach to decorative concrete by combining it with other mediums like wood, metal, lighting, and electronics. This combination allows us to create diverse and distinctive designs that can be tailored to specific requirements. By incorporating these different materials and elements into our projects, we are able to take our creations to another level and offer something beyond traditional concrete work. This versatility and expertise in working with multiple mediums sets us apart from other decorative concrete makers, as it allows us to provide a wider range of options and create truly unique and customized pieces.

What is GFRC Concrete?

Concrete Table with Beverage Cooler

     GFRC stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. It is a type of concrete that incorporates glass fibers as a reinforcement material. The addition of glass fibers improves the tensile strength and durability of the concrete, making it stronger and more resistant to cracking.

    The use of GFRC offers several advantages over traditional concrete. It has a higher strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it is lighter yet still strong. This makes it easier to handle and transport. GFRC also has excellent moldability, allowing it to be cast into complex shapes and intricate designs. Additionally, GFRC is highly resistant to environmental factors such as moisture, UV radiation, and chemical exposure.

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From Your Idea to Reality

     Every remarkable achievement originates from brilliant concepts. Blessing’s Concrete Designs specializes in transforming your ideas into tangible realities. Reach out to us today, and let's explore how our expertise in artisanal concrete can address the functional and aesthetic requirements of your project.

Gray concrete top with flowers sitting in the middle

Project Ideas

-Counters                                            -Patio Tables

-Bar tops                                             -Residential Sinks

 -Fireplace Surrounds                        -Adress Markers

-Conference Room Tables                -Decor

-Dinning & Coffee Tables                 -Themed Tables

-Personalized Tables                         -Reception Desks

-Wall Pannels & Cladding                -Residential Sinks

-Vanities & Wash Stands                  -Pub Tables

Colors& Edges

A caricature of a concrete counter
Logo of Blessing's Concrete Designs

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