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Fireplace Mantel and Built in Shelving

This project was a little different  than our usual project.  Where most things we do center around concrete, the tops here are more muted.  This was a chance to show off many of the skills we bring to the table.


The idea was to build a media center into the mantel.  It was built to hold the cable box, Play Station, Blueray player or any other device that would be connected to the TV.  We built the top so that all of the wires that ran to the TV could be hidden.  The side towers were designed to hold DVD's and Blueray's.


We added built-in shelves and drawers, tiled in front and also tiled the fireplace to give it an updated look.  


As a side note, this fireplace was no longer in use so there was no concern of the electronics overheating.      

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